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    Jun 23, 2016



    I wake up to my alarm at 7:30 in the morning and stumble out of bed. I change into my work attire and look at my schedule (just to make sure I’m actually working that day). At this point my brother, who shares the room with me, starts groaning and mumbling; he isn’t really a morning person. I go out to the kitchen and make myself some sort of breakfast. Then I eat it at our hugely massive dining table. Sometimes as I’m eating, my little brother will come out of his room and say hi, or show me all his latest drawings. I have five brothers, two older and three younger, and no sisters. Seriously, you want me to list ALL my brother’s names and ages? Okay, fine just for you; Skyler age 20, Ethan age 18, Levi (that’s me) age 15, Nico age 13, Joey age 11, Ronny age 6. It literally took me like 10 minutes to remember all that. Anyway, back on track here; I finish my breakfast and then do whatever I want while I wait for my dad to get up. Usually, I watch YouTube or Netflix or something. Eventually, my dad comes out of his room and asks “you ready to go?” I reply “yes” and then quickly go do all the things I forgot to do before we go. As we walk out the door I usually forget my lunch or find that I’m wearing the wrong shoes. After I get that sorted out we go to the car and start driving. My dad and I both work at the same place so he usually drives me… Plus I don’t drive yet, don’t judge me! We normally get to work around 8:30, because my dad’s hours are different than mine. I end up hanging around for a while just cleaning, turning things on and unlocking things. Around 9:20 my co-workers start to show up. All my co-workers are awesome and funny and don’t seem to hate me yet so that’s great, except for Tobin he’s terrible!! No not really, he’s my cousin so he’s alright. At 9:30 we have stand up where we basically talk about what we’re doing that day. After stand up we open the Visitors Center. We spend most of our days standing behind the desk greeting visitors and answering their questions. We also run the gift shop, weed the garden, build tables and signs, and do general cleanup. My two favourite parts of my job are lunch and The Puppet Show. I have the whole show ingrained into my brain. Not a moment passes without that one song playing over and over in the background. The Visitors Center closes at 5:00 and my shift ends at 5:30, so we have about half an hour to lock up. After everything is locked up for the night I ride home with my dad. I usually just relax until its dinner time. At the table our family takes turns telling about our day. After dinner I see if any of my friends want to hang out. If not, I work on a drawing, or edit a video, or maybe go on the trampoline and practice some flips. Then eventually I make my lunch for the next day and go to bed at around 10:30. Then I wake up to my alarm and stumble out of bed, and so on.


    • I am home-schooled (and yes even though I’m home-schooled I still have friends)
    • I LOVE to draw and make short videos. (Check out Zattle_Art on Instagram)
    • I’m single. (And staying that way. Unless I find a truly exceptionally exceptional person with same sense of humor as me)
    • I love parkour (flips, climbing, jumping)
    • .sdrawkcab daer nac iveL


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